Why do I need a US Waiver?

A record suspension will not grant you access to the United States. Our US Waiver application, once approved will allow you to cross the border at your leisure for up to 5 years. We take care of all the forms and paperwork so you don't have to worry!

Before you start:

For faster service, please bring:

  • 2 pieces of government issued photo ID (mandatory)
  • 2 Character Reference letters. These must be from two different individuals who have known you for more than 5 years. These letters must state how long the person has known you for, their relationship to you (friend, coworker etc..) and must be signed and dated.
  • A letter from your employer. This must include an official company letterhead, your position, how long you have worked for the business and your salary / hourly rate
Please note, you can bring these documents at a later time if necessary.

How does the process work?

The process is simple:

  • Call us to book an appointment
  • We take your photo and fingerprints and send them to the RCMP to obtain a copy of your criminal record
  • Once we receive your RCMP report, we send a request to the courthouses listed in your RCMP report to obtain copies of the court documentation
  • Once we receive the court documentation, we go through the application with you, ensuring all forms are filled out correctly and we have all supporting documentation
  • Once we are satisfied that your application is complete, we provide you with a list of adresses to take submit your application

How much does it cost?

Our costs:

  • RCMP processing fees: $90.00 including tax
  • Our application fee: $299.00 including tax
  • US Waiver Application Fee (to be paid when application is submitted): $585 USD

I need to renew my existing waiver

If you need to renew an existing waiver, we offer a reduced rate! The cost will be $225