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Canadians with a criminal record need an US entry waiver to enter the United States. A U.S. Entry Waiver is a legal document that allows the applicant to travel to the USA for a certain period of time.

If you are in Consort, Canada, and you need a US Entry Waiver call us: (+1) 877-842-4827

Our cost for a Record Suspension or US Waiver start at $299, and a Record Suspension + US Waiver Package starts at $449

US Entry Waiver Service in Consort

Start your US Entry Waiver today in Consort, Canada and cross the United States border.

CALL US: (+1) 877-842-4827


Our call center is open 8am to 6pm Eastern Time, 7 days a week

Our waiver application process - US Entry Waiver application

If you have a record and wish to travel to the USA, you must obtain a U.S. entry waiver to be legally allowed to cross the U.S. border. Apply for an entry waiver today and start travelling freely again.

We are one of the few companies in Canada using the sistem digital fingerprinting system connected to Civil Fingerprinting in Ottawa. We are RCMP approved fingerprinting services provider.

While others are required to outsource steps in the waiver application process we are able to complete your US Entry Waiver application from start to finish.

We specialize in helping individuals with records obtain U.S. entry waivers by helping them through the application process.

If you have been arrested and received an Absolute or a Conditional Discharge, chances are that the arrest record still exists and can be accessed by U.S. government officials. However, the arrest record can be purged.


How do I get a US Entry Waiver?

CALL US (+1) 877-842-4827

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Why do I need a US Waiver?

A record suspension will not grant you access to the United States. Our US Waiver application, once approved will allow you to cross the border at your leisure for up to 5 years. We take care of all the forms and paperwork so you don't have to worry!

US Entry Waiver service in Consort

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We help people move on with life without a criminal record!

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